Monday, September 30, 2019

Alastair Reynolds - Revenger 2 - Shadow Captain


Shadow Captain is book two in the Revenger series.

The sequel to Revenger. If the monniker YA (Young Adult)  applies to Revenger then this sequel would have to be considered YA as well, but Reynolds is doing his best to blur the line.

World building

The guy is a great world builder. Several of the questions and suspicions I had about the setting (the world) of Revenger were answered, but none of the plot. Middle book syndrome? Or simply too much to tell?

Yeah... squawk is radio, sweeper is radar, swallower is black hole. No surprises there. Somehow I didn't realize earth, mars and all the other worlds were taken apart to create thousands (millions?) of artificial worlds, all rotating around the sun. Something that became clear this time. Quite the engineering feat, that.

Well, the girls started a war. I wonder what happens next...


Good stuff! More!

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