Monday, September 16, 2019

Cinda Williams Chima - Seven Realms 1 - The Demon King


The first entry in what appears to be a very long series of romance / fantasy novels. Not sure yet how good or bad they are as a series.


The first book wasn't too bad, although Han Allister being a wizard was pretty obvious right from the start. If that should have been a surprise it didn't work for me. His friend Fire Dancer being another wizard was a little more surprising, but still not mind bending (or a real spoiler, in this book Fire Dancer plays a minor role).

What else? Well... The queen is misled, her daughter a brat, and they all end up on a school for wizards and military.

Hmmm. That sounds somewhat familiar.

Well, that's where the main characters are supposed to go at the start of book two. Not sure if they actually make it, so let's see what happens next (and let's hope the romantic subplots stay within reasonable limits). I'm a fantasy reader, not a romance reader (though, if you pay me enough)...


Dapper / TellTales! 99

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