Monday, September 2, 2019

Brian Staveley - The Unhewn Throne - The Emperor's Blades / The Providence of Fire / ...


I’ve picked up all three on a Dapperite’s suggestion (I think it was Jan, but not entirely sure).  Let’s start with the verdict: a good fantasy trilogy, some new ideas, and an interesting world. Yes, worth reading.

Predictable, and yet...

The first book was perhaps the best of the three. The second book was a bit boring, and the first half of the third book did not bode well either. Fortunately it picked up some speed during the final half.

Unfortunately I saw (some parts of) the plot from half a light year away. Sorry. I had a feeling how things would end (at the end of the trilogy) halfway the very first book. And they did.

Also I’d love to know the story behind Adare becoming a kind of prophet (no explanation was given I think) and the 'Kettral' are a little too powerful.

And yet… it’s that same ‘Kettral’ I want to know more about…


  1. The Emperor's Blades
  2. The Providence of Fire
  3. The Last Mortal Bound

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