Friday, September 29, 2017

C J Cherryh - Foreigner / Inheritor / ...


C J Cherryh calls this the 'First Contact' series, but most websites refer to it as the 'Foreigner' series.

Inspired by a comment from Jan (of Dapper fame) I decided to chew my way through a couple of these.

It's a long series, but the main story is delivered in batches of three, and most of those would work as stand alone titles. I would strongly advise not to read them out of order though...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Roaming voor dummies (Dutch)


Bellen en internetten in het buitenland is nu gratis! Of toch niet?

Misschien toch niet helemaal...

SqueezeBox - SQB

SQB is a small tool to modify playlists, and helps identifying and correcting missing files in your .MPU3 playlists.

SQB uses SOX to export all entries in a playlists (including .FLAC) to .MP3 for use on mobile players, in cars, or for use other devices only supporting MP3.

Marko Kloos - Chains of Command (2016) / Fields of fire (2017)


In this universe the humans have encountered a (literally) giant enemy called the Lankies. And they (the humans) are loosing...

Marko Kloos writes military SF, and is the author of the Frontlines series. Currently (2017) this series contains 5 books, with a sixth one coming up.