Thursday, February 21, 2019

Time Travel Shows

Time travel will put everyone's brain in a knot...

Here's a list of all shows I know of and / or have watched in which time travel is a major repeating plot element.

My list

Perhaps it is time (no pun intended) we'd find some other tropes to beat to death... The 'bad-future-reaches-through-time-into-the-past-to-make-the-future-better' theme has been done (too) many times...

And even though I think time travel can't exist (because if it could it wouldn't) it is always fun to play with alternative what if's.

I've added a link to the shows I (re)viewed.

Shows that only use time travel as a theme for yet another 'episode of the week' do not qualify (Star Trek comes to mind). There's no movies in this list either but I did include non-physical time travel (such as Flash Forward).

There are probably a few more I've forgotten, or never knew about. Only time can tell if I will ever add them...  Enough bad punts, here's the list of shows in which time travel is a major, repeating plot element:

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - very underrated
  • Travelers - teaming up to save the future
  • Continnuum - ticks all the boxes, confusing last season with a bittersweet ending
  • Heroes - great first season, then it goes down... fast
  • The 4400 - we all become supers, at the risk of dying
  • Fringe - well, only the last season is about time travel, sort of...
  • 12 Monkeys - couldn't get into it, probably because I did not like the movie either
  • Quantum Leap - Sliders in time, very episodic, sudden death
  • Frequency - okay'ish
  • Odyssey 5 - boring
  • Flash Forward - promising, but canceled, only watched a few episodes
  • Legends of Tomorrow - beat 'm up using time travel as an excuse
  • Primeval - time travel plays a role but it isn't the core theme, monster hunting is!
  • Terra Nova - the present reaching into the past, instead of the future reaching into the present
  • Seven Days - low budget and too generic
  • The Time Tunnel - the original, ask your granddad
  • Timeless - watched a few episodes, but couldn't get into it (yet)
  • Journeyman - never seen it
  • Time Trax - uh...
  • Life on Mars - seriously?
  • Doctor Who - ah, who could forget that one!

Any that I missed?

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