What's this all about?

This is a personal blog (and frankly, a kind of online notebook) on everything that interests me as a self-proclaimed geek... science fiction, music, electronics, D&D, computer games, writing, and any other fad-of-the-day...

About me

I write bad fiction. In poor English. Once had the illusion that people would visit my BBS, my homepage, my Blog, but since then I've gone over to the dark side and embraced reality.

In all other aspects, I'm just like a normal person.

I also (re)build my own kitchen, paint murals, suffer two daughters, work for a technology company, and pay my taxes (unless I can avoid them). I do like gadgets and reading / watching / listening to science fiction. I watch an unhealthy amount of 'cult' television series (anything from Supernatural to Fringe to Farscape, from Doom Patrol to VR5 to... well, whatever comes up next).

I also try to solidify some of my thoughts in irregular columns, with a distant suggestion of success. That is to say: even diarrhea solidifies after a while...


This is a multilingual blog, though it is predominantly in English. If a post is in more than one language I typically start with the English version. Headers in English sections are blue, and the headers in Dutch sections are red.

Please note that I am NOT a native English speaker, so there will be more than enough mistakes in my writing... Please accept my apologies upfront.


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