Writing Essentials

So, you want to be a writer?

The good news: anyone can write! The bad news: many people are pretty bad at it. But don't panic!

All a writer needs are two things: a good story to tell, and the ability to do so. I'm not a good writer myself, but I hope these posts can help you to become a better writer than I am. Which should be easy 😅 You'll still be suffering though because writing (well) takes a lot of hard work.

A fair word of warning first. Some of my posts might be brutally honest or not entirely politically correct, and of course I have my own preferences and tastes. Or I could be outright wrong 😏. I'm also more focussing on the technical aspects, but who knows... Perhaps one day I'll be good enough to talk about plot and characters and world building...

I. Before you start

Just to make sure you're sure...
II. The Essentials

So, you've decided to become a writer. The first step is to understand your tools. Please read and (try to) understand these before publishing your stories. Your readers will appreciate it!

III. Intermediate

You can write. Now it's time to think and improve...

IV. Advanced

Plotting, pantsing...

V. Expert

VI. Pro
  1. There'll probably never ever be anything here 😒

VII. Extras
VIII. Keywords

In case you're looking for a specific subject... (you may have to jump to the page, then search that page to find the subject)

Other frequently asked questions (follow the link then search for keywords)


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