Monday, October 28, 2019

Cloak & Dagger - Season 1


I've read some Cloak & Dagger comics in the past. With the current superhero craze there was no way Cloak & Dagger wouldn't be turned into some small screen series.


Still, things can go sideways. Something promising may end up a dud, take for example Heroes, which started very promising, and ended... well... let's not go there. Or Powers, which was so badly promoted and positioned that most people have never even heard of it. Or Iron Fist, which messed up season one, and somewhat recovered with season two, but it was too late...

So, how about Cloak & Dagger then?

Well, for starters: it ain't that bad...


I was wondering how they would handle the, euh, somewhat non-covering 😎 clothing of Dagger, and as expected: it wasn't handled. At all. We have a cloak though 😄.

I suspect Dagger might end up in a costume similar to the more kid-friendly cartoon version. Same pattern, less nudity. Still boobies.

Teen Angst

Target audience: teens.
Subjects: drugs, relations, racial discrimination, family tragedy.
Side show: corrupt police.
Effects: mostly adequate (minor nitpick: keep the some when teleporting!)
Actors: okay (though I think Dagger should be a bit tougher, harder)

Everything else: your usual fare.

The bad

Let's start with the bad. Whoever wrote the tenth episode should be fired on the spot. It's awful.

A gas that infects people... with violence? Yeah, right. The final episode of season one was shallow, full of tropes, with little to no surprises.

Why not an evil antagonist who deliberately tried to blow up the city? Why not have the gas infected (?) victims be a symbolic part of the catatonic dreamer's dream? Hmpf.

The good

Interesting how all those lives interweave. Back-flashes are executed well, some good character development (though a little more fleshing out of the evil cop's background would have helped the overall story).

So. 9 good episodes, 1 bad one. I think that's a fairly decent score.

Season 2

Let's see what will happen in the (already announced) season 2...

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