Monday, July 18, 2022

Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn 1 - The Final Empire (2006)


Brandon Sanderson has become a well-known and popular author, and yet I've read little by his hand. In fact, only Skyward, I believe, and that one was a little underwhelming.

He's better known for the Mistborn series, and yes. The first book The Final Empire is definitely better than Skyward.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the introduction of a whole different magical subsystem, in which certain people swallow metals (pure or alloys) to enhance / use their magical powers. I liked the colorful approach of Django Wexler, and I like Sanderson's take just as much. It's fresh, it's different.

I'm not sure what swallowing lots of metals would do for my intestines, but that's a whole different story!


Well suited to the book and character.


Yes. A definite go and read. I liked it.

Summary / Spoilers

Young thief turns out to be a Mistborn, dresses up as a noble lady, and in the end helps the resistance kill the 'undying' emperor of the Final Empire. If she unleashed a bigger evil, well, we'll find out in the next volume.


(Dapper / TellTales! #113)

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