Friday, April 1, 2022

Wallpaper - Angels

2 for 1... Angels are mostly girly stuff, but hey! I have a few in my wallpaper collection as well.


These two are from different sources, but they work well on a multi monitor setup using WallX. They're lower resolution and different dimensions, but that's why I wrote WallX 😉 

I should try and find a newer, higher resolution of the second one (click to enlarge)..

Using WallX with one time dots, one time blur, rounding the corners, and it's acceptable as a background wallpaper... I like my wallpapers a little fuzzy, so they won't distract from my work.

wallx monitor 1 load c:\googledrive\wallpapers\fa_angel.jpg monitor 2 load c:\googledrive\wallpapers\fa_blackwing.jpg monitor all dots blur round keep resident

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