Monday, March 28, 2022

A.G. Riddle - Departure


I recently watched the first two seasons of Manifest, and this book starts in a similar vein: an airplane that departs, only to arrive years later.

And that's where the similarity ends 😎


A bunch of 'superhumans' calling themselves the Titans have changed the world . The main cast is ripped from the past and brought into the present, a hundred or so years from now. When the time travelers try to land they are shot down, and after the crash they find out that nearly everyone died due to some virus, except for the Titans.

More mayhem ensues.


The verdict? An okay read with some imaginative imaging, but emptying the Mediterranean sea and converting it to land takes more than a century, no matter how superior your technology. The author might have a peek at all the troubles the Dutch had to go through...

(From Dapper / TellTales #111)

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