Monday, April 18, 2022

Ernest Cline - Armada


Another take on Ready Player One, another love song to the eighties. Well written, but frankly I find this new take on the same trip down memory lane a little shallow. It's well written, but it's well-written fan fiction. Yet... where some fan fiction dazzles with new ideas and fresh characters I found Armada to be somewhat meh.


Young kid and avid video player discovers the world wide government has been using video games to train humanity against an invasion by aliens. Who turn out to be a single gigantic robot, and can't be beaten unless surrendered to. Sort of.


Nothing new.

I'd skip it, unless you believe a video game player is the right person to save the world. I bet Ernest Cline's favorite movie is The Last Starfighter. Maybe you're better off watching that movie?

(From TellTales 111)

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