Monday, April 13, 2020

Michael Wallace - The Void Queen - Queen of the Void (2016) / Star Wolf / Sun King


Pirate captain becomes officer in the (space) navy of the king of Avalon, of course against her will. Throw in some space vikings, and a monstrous race of alien avians hell bent on consuming everything, and a sub plot of a noble who made a career of running away.


  1. Queen of the Void
  2. Star Wolf
  3. Sun King

The good

In spite of the swagger it's fairly well written. Space combat isn't too bad. Lots of interesting world building in the background makes me wonder if this is part of some larger universe.

That larger universe deserves another visit.

(There's an interesting experience with an alien toilet, always a good thing :-))

The bad

A death ray. A green paralyzing death ray thing. Space vikings. A ship slowing down when it's engines are disabled (ever heard of inertia?) and why would a paralyzing ray take any ship out of the fight? Did no admiral think of implementing some random, pre-programmed set of combat maneuvers in case the crew gets paralyzed?

Oh dear oh dear.

The ugly (the verdict)

In spite of the bad it's still enjoyable, Mostly. The pirate stuff doesn't do much for me, but the setting does.

I'll have a look at some other books by his hand.

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