Saturday, April 4, 2020

Corona - T minus 20 - Twenty percent

Today it’s April 4, 4 days after the latest issue of Dapper, a few months after TellTales! #100and I have no idea in what state we all will be the end of April, when we reach T Minus Zero.

I am a little scared.


Not about food, and not even that I’m potentially at risk myself (okay, a little, perhaps) but more that I want to be around for my kids a few more years. Ending up in the 20% death category doesn’t really help there.

From a financial point of view the timing is bad. I was planning to sell my house one of these days, and get something small new build, as much self sustaining as financially interesting (ie. solar panels on the roof, perhaps a power wall, well isolated, still on the grid though) to keep life going if the jobs (and thus the income) income dry up up, a serious risk when one passes 50 years.

Heck, I bought a car in December as well. Deprecation is through the roof, and the same applies to my house. Inflation may be going up, pushing house prices down. Add an incoming recession, and being overage... Okay. Stop there. Think positive... think positive… At least I’m still alive.

(Secretly I wonder if I’ll ever see my parents again, alive, before all of this is over...)

Wash my hands, stay healthy, breathe calmly.


What numbers to believe? What web sites to go to? I don't know.

I think I'll stick to these two, the official Dutch one, and a site that gathers world wide statistics:


Worldometer -

Follow the rules. Stay healthy.

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