Monday, July 8, 2019

Desperaux (2009)


Desperaux may have simply hit the theater at the wrong moment, back in 2009. It's hard to stand up against the mega million dollar marketing machine that supports movies like Bolt... However, Desperaux still is a very nice movie. A bit uneven, perhaps, but it's in its own way an animated original modern classic...


It's a classical fairy tale style of story, with morale and all, brought to the modern day of animation. There's the underdog, the unlikely hero, the dastardly villain, the unforeseen circumstances, and lots of food. And as such, it's good. In it's own way, it is a classic.

Fortunately, the animation is better than the sleeve cover and movie poster suggest.

If you haven't seen it, just have a look. And bring the kids.

Dapper / TellTales! 49

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