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Though story-wise it pretty much amounts to nothing Cats is still a spectacle to behold. So when the London West-End cast visited the Netherlands for a kind of farewell tour I was considering going there. Didn’t go at first, balking at the price of a decent seat.


But… well… I haven’t seen that many musicals in my life. I did see Miss Saigon (and absolutely loved it), saw part of Aida (that's for some other time) and completely missed out on Hamelen (I’m still pretty sad about that, the show only ran for a year, and once I convinced myself I wanted to go it was gone, I even remember the posters)…

So… Well… Oh... but…. Ah, what the heck.


I went online, grabbed some of the best ‘golden rank’ seats the moment they came available (someone apparently cancelled theirs, the joy of online booking). I… ignored the price. (That pain will come later, oh the joys of credit cards 😅)

Two nights later we went to Breda, for what might have been the final show of Cats in the Netherlands. (It might have been the final show And… no regrets whatsoever.

It was a fantastic show.

Worth it!


Live the show was great, a DVD recording of the show, however, was a bit of a disappointment. It was recorded without an audience, and the image and audio quality is below par. Some versions on YouTube are better...


Some images (two I took myself, remainder grabbed from the Internet, but I think it was mostly the same cast we saw in Breda.)

Dapper / TellTales! 98

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