Monday, July 29, 2019

Dennis E. Taylor - Bobiverse - We Are Legion / For We Are Many / All These Worlds


Enjoyable, somewhat nerdy space opera with lots of popular culture references and some hard SF. Include some politics, some aliens, and a twenty first century personality transplanted into a computer brain and you're there.


Dennis E. Taylor started as a self publishing author, but interestingly his 'Bobiverse' books only became popular once an audiobook became available.

The smartypants, snarky, self-conscious nature of the protagonist(s), combined with the (a little bit too full of himself sounding) voice of Ray Porter seemed to be the right blend to attract more readers than just the book would do.



In some ways the story isn't that spectacular or new, but it is a perfect waste of time. Bob is forced to clone himself (he's basically a Von Neuman machine after all) when circumstances force him to rescue he human race from self inflicted extinction. From that point on things only get worse.


It seriously helps if you 'get' all the pop culture references! Being a geek won't hurt in this case. (I missed the obvious 'All These Worlds Are Belong To Us' joke. Perhaps that would have been a little to nerdy...)

The verdict

Entertaining! But make sure you buy all three books at once. They're all one large story.

And I suspect the story works better as an audiobook, but I'll leave that up to you.

Dapper / TellTales! 98

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