Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Diana Wynne Jones - Archer's Goon / Fire and Hemlock


Next one please! That would be, ehm... Archer's Goon by Diana Wynn Jones.

Somebody once told me it's a parody on Zelazny's Amber series, but I do not entirely agree. Well, there were some similarities, like all those ultra-powerful brothers and sisters quarreling and plotting all the time. There's also the main character who lost his memory, but that is where the similarity ends. And there are enough other things in the book make you smile. Not bad... not bad at all.


I've been trying to get into Fire and Hemlock but that one is different, a 'romantic fantasy', as the cover proudly states.

Not my thing, and I will probably never ever finish it.

Update. I actually finished it! Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynn Jones was better than I expected. After a miserable start (too romantic for my taste) I put it down.

Half a year later I tried again, this time with better results. I finished it (although it still is too romantic for my taste).

Is it a bad book? No. It's quite good, but it lacks (huge numbers of) explosions, aliens, monsters, spectacular end totally useless sideshows, and all that other rif raf that makes a good story.
For me, that is 😎 (And yes, I do have a rather cheap taste, I'm sorry.)

At my age you get intro- or perhaps retro-spective, so perhaps it is a lot better than the impression I might leave here.

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