Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ann Aguirre - Blue diablo / Hell fire / Shady lady / Devil's puch...


I tried this after her Sirantha Jax books, which were fine.

Not SF this time, but demons, demigods, and love affairs. Perhaps a little too 'shippy' for my taste, just like Sirantha Jax but if you can stand that these provide some light reading that isn't all too bad.

The main protagonist Corine has one magical gift, she's a 'handler', a gifted person who can read the history of any object she touches. She also has some interesting friends, who go out of their way to help her. Which they have to do a lot,  as she manages to get herself into a lot of troubles.

What starts with a little sleuthing ends up in a trip to hell, getting possessed and a baby, and finding the love of her live. To be honest the first two books were the better ones.

I was expecting an endless private eye style series, but it actually worked out fairly well over the five book arc, with decent closure. Perhaps things were a little too easy for 'Booke', but that's about it.

A classic? No. Entertaining? Yes. Too 'shippy' though, but if you can stand a large dose of romance you should be able to handle this...

Corine Solomon series

  1. Blue diablo
  2. Hell fire
  3. Shady lady
  4. Devil's punch
  5. Agave kiss

There is an additional novel Forbidden Fruit but it isn't about Corine Solomon so I left it out.

Dapper / TellTales! 85

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