Sunday, February 25, 2018

Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend


I watched this one ages ago when I first discovered anime. And it's sub-genres... Bishounen... Ecchi... Mecha... Shounen... Shoujo... Don't worry, I don't know the exact meaning either ☺ Most of it is cute, action oriented, romantic. Most if it...

Urotsukidoji, also known as Legend of the overfiend, is different. A rather sick mongrel of porn and horror. At least not my cup of tea.

Adult supervision strongly advised!


I pretty much had forgotten what this one was all about, so I opened the file, and... remembered.

This is the uncut, uncensored version, dating back to 1986, and it's a mixture or horror and erotics. It's not pure horror nor pure erotics, as it actually tries to tell a story. Yes, it does.

I wonder what would be left of the forty minutes after censoring... perhaps only the five minutes intro, and not even that without cuts.

Would I suggest this to people who start watching anime? Euh... no. I would suggest something lighter.


Dapper / TellTales! 3

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