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Raymond E Feist - Riftwars


Dark Fantasy, sometimes a bit predictable with a so so ending, but overall enjoyable and worth a re-visit.

The majority of Feist's works are part of The Riftwar Cycle, and feature the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan. Human magicians and other creatures on the two planets are able to create rifts between these worlds and end up fighting each other. Yeah. That happens

Dungeons and Dragons

The original Riftwars sage is well known. The original works of Feist were inspired by / based upon his Dungeons and Dragons gaming days, which took a bit of inspiration from the Tekumel books. Nevertheless, this isn't yet another generic D&D based series of novels.

The Empire trilogy was better than expected, though I guess book 3 wasn’t entirely necessary. Especially the final chapter of book 3 could have been done better.

I read of few of these in Dutch, but I actually prefer the English books. The covers and especially titles of the dutch versions were... nah. Just nah. And I simply can't think of (m)any cases where the translations were better than the originals.

For the moment, I’m Feist-tired. I tried number 14, Krondor - The Betrayal but it would not hold my attention. Perhaps later.

The arcs

There are many books part of this series. I've not read them all, but at least I've listed all books that I know about... There are nine arcs with in total 31 books.

I. Riftwar Saga
II. Empire Trilogy
III. Krondor's Sons
IV. Legends of the Riftwar
V. Riftwar Legacy
VI. Serpentwar Saga
VII. Conclave Of Shadows
VIII. Darkwar Saga
IX. Demonwar Saga

The books
I. The Riftwar Saga

1. Magician Apprentice
2. Magician Master
3. Silverthorn
4. A Darkness at Sethanon

II. The Empire Trilogy

5. Daughter of the Empire
6. Servant of the Empire
7. Mistress of the Empire

III. Krondors Sons

8. Prince of the Blood
9. The Kings Buccaneer

IV. The Serpentwar Saga

10. Shadow of a Dark Queen
11. Rise of a Merchant Prince
12. Rage of a Demon King
13. Shards of a Broken Crown

V. The Riftwar Legacy

14. Krondor the Betrayal
15. Krondor the Assassins
16. Krondor Tear of the Gods
17. Johnny and the Crawler

VI. Legends of the Riftwar

18. Honoured Enemy
19. Murder in LaMut
20. Jimmy the Hand

VII. Conclave of the Shadows

21. Talon of the Silver Hawk
22. King of Foxes
23. Exiles Return

VIII. Darkwar Saga

24. Flight of the Nighthawks
25. Into a Dark Realm
26. Wrath of a Mad God

IX. Demonwar Saga

27. Rides a Dread Legion
28. At the Gates of Darkness

X. Chaoswar Saga

29. A Kingdom Besieged
30. A Crowm Imeriled
31. Magicians End

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