Sunday, September 4, 2022

Migrating the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas

Remember this thing? 20-odd years ago, when CD-roms were still a thing, TSR released all the 2nd edition Forgotten Realms maps as a disc plus viewer. The viewer sucked (even then) but having those maps is a dream for RPG players.

Of course, getting it to install these days is a bit of a hassle, but (fortunately) you DON'T have to install it... maybe.


...if you already installed it before, and were smart at the time...

Windows does make troubles if you install some misbehaving software in c:\Program Folders, so as a rule of thumb, I install all 'questionable' / 'old'  / 'portable' software in a folder C:\software\<application name>. 

The FR Atlas isn't really portable, but it lets itself easily migrate, once you've installed it that way. So...

1. After installing it in C:\software\fr_atlas, ages ago...

2. Copy the whole folder with all its contents to an external USB

3. Reinstall Windows

4. Copy the folder from the USB back to C:\software\fr_atlas

5. Create a shortcut to c:\software\fr_atlas\vw32.exe

6. On the first launch, load from within the viewer any of the FR maps

You may still have some font issues. Most of those are fixed by downloading and installing a font called forgotten_uncial.ttf.


Less fun...

1. Run the installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode

2. Let the installer do its thing. I suggest NOT to install it in the Program Folder!

3. There were 4 updates (not 3). 1 and 2 have an install program. 2b only contains files that have to be copied by hand, and 3 contains an installer again.

Alternative reinstalling

In case you don't want to endanger your current Windows install 😁 and you don't fear Virtual Machines...

1. Use a VM to run an older version of Windows

2. Run all installers

3. Treat the contents like a portable product (see above)

4. Copy files and install font

Using CC3+

You can simply copy all the .FCW files wherever you want, then load them in CC3+. You still need to install the forgotten_uncial.ttf font.

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