Friday, September 16, 2022

Argus Monitor - Software Fan Speed Control

If you're suffering from a whining CPU fan (speeding up and down all the time) and you're sure you have the right BIOS, then the only thing left to do is either install a hard- or software fan controller. I tried the free Fan Control but it kept asking for a username / password with admin rights.

Argus Monitor only asks for elevation once during installation, but doesn't ask anymore after that. More important, it can monitor temperatures and average multiple sources over, for example, 10 seconds, and that is exactly what I needed. Argus Monitor isn't free though.


The ol' Speedfan, and another free program called Fan Control.

You could use a hardware (fan controller) solution. Whatever floats your boat. These things have become more expensive lately.

I upgraded to a hand-me-down Ruzen 5 3600 on an Asrock AB350 myself but if your BIOS can handle a 5500 / 5600 then those might be a better option. They're perhaps 10 bucks more expensive, another 25% faster, and more power efficient. They also may not suffer from this whining effect... But I haven't got one so cannot try, feel free to donate 😇


Argus Monitor costs around 30 bucks, and runs on Window 11 (and probably all Windows 10 machines).

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