Friday, September 30, 2022

Microsoft (Windows 11) Designers are Idiots - Rubbish on the Drag Bar


They are.

Microsoft just proudly proclaimed their latest version of Windows has a more seamless integration of Android apps inside the Windows environment, because Android apps can now finally place their own crap on the dragbar.

And they're proud of it?!?


But... the dragbar is a drag bar. In other words, it's used to move a window to another position, so you should be able to click and drag the window around, right?


Run Windows 11, or Windows 10, or whatever, and launch Microsoft Office 2022's Excel. Make the window small. Now try to drag it to another position.

You can't.

Because the whole !#$%^&*()_! dragbar is filled with icons, text fields, buttons, god knows what. It's even worse if you allow the quickbar to reside in there as well (turn File / Options / Quick Access Toolbar / Show below the Ribbon Off). I didn't buy a 32 inch screen so I can no longer move my windows around! !#$%^&*()_! Microsoft!

So, now any Android app can do the same and make life more miserable for me. That's progress for you...

I understand that, on a smaller screen, or with the window maximized, (ab)using the dragbar makes perfect sense. But please give me my dragbar bag when the window isn't maximized? Please? Just give me an option to toggle this 'feature' off? Please please please please?


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