Monday, September 12, 2022

Erik Schubach – Fixit (2016)

A short sci-fi story on a (literal) down-below engineer, fixing her robots, serving the higher-ups that live above.

It’s actually a fun, well written story, so I looked for more stories by Schubach. Most of it is tagged as ‘F/F fantasy romance’ with a couple of ‘LGBT’ notes sprinkled left and right. That sometimes causes me pause...

LGBT lettersoup

You see, the LGBT+ community has my sympathy, as long as they don’t tell me who I should be. These days, it’s almost a sin being a straight male. People are very tolerant…

... of those that share their opinion.

Being woke has become a bad thing, hasn’t it?


The Verdict

... nevertheless this short story is great!

I’m still going to look for the other Fixit stories, and pray he’s not forcing the whole LGBT+ issue down my throat.

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