Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kind's Kiss Part Two - The art of the plot


Part two is a wrap. Writing hasn't been going as quickly as I'd love to, but the good news is the overall plot is now clear, my notes show which way to go, and I thought of many evil things to do to my main cast. I cannot mention anything without spoiling stuff, but perhaps I can mention wheels and teeth...


Comments are quite welcome. I especially found it hard to write 28 and 29, and my non-native English might shine through now and again... (If you want to do a R4R / C4C drop me a line.)

The last few weeks have seen a rush of new chapters. Unfortunately, work is picking up so I may have to slow down a little, though I think there should be some steady progress, if not in quality then at least in (overall) word count :-)

And I promised NOT to do more re-writes, but I have to admit I changed some things in the very first chapter(s), just to make it flow a little better and foreshadow how important Tequila is for an unsuccessful writer...

The art of plot

In the image below you'll find all the secrets of Eleanore's past, laid bare for all to see... That might suggest I am a structured writer, but what I actually did was write 'n' chapters without a plan, and then finally bringing myself to create an outline, using all notes, events, and plans. Perhaps I should have used some app for that, but I did it the old fashioned way: stacks of notes, filling up the table.

(And after that I re-organized, verified, and cleaned up the whole thing in a spreadsheet. But that sounds less romantic.)

Sneak preview:

"On my first day at school I walk out of a funeral."


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