Monday, January 27, 2020

Juuni Kokki


Not well known, and certainly harder to get over here (that is: Europe) it tells the tale of a young girl who found herself in another more magical realm.

Well, nothing spectacular thus far, we've seen that before. And yet...


Yet, it's simply interesting, but it takes a few episodes before things take off. One of the things I notice is that the Japanese characters are often 'cry babies'. More than one would expect. Again, a cultural thing (I suspect) but I wonder if this aspect of anime would be visible 'street wise' in Japan.

(Time for another holiday to Japan. But first win the lottery.)

Back to the series, now at episode 9, and things are getting interesting... Children growing on trees, language problems, giant half beasts that are human in more than one way, swords and demons, and a jealous classmate.

All wrapped up in mystical mumbletalk. Yummy.

I just wonder why skin tones change now and again. Must be the weather over there 😄

The Verdict

Typically I never suggest to watch an incomplete, unfinished series. And unfortunately Juuni Kokki was never finished. Still it's an interesting watch, and one should have a look at it.

Also, you might treat epsisode 39 as the ending, and ignore everything afterwards. That will work 😁

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