Monday, January 13, 2020

Blade - TV series


Most of the times I remember a book, movie or series. Perhaps not in details, but at least in some way.

Browsing through my old Dapper installments I found a reference to a television series called Blade. 13 years ago, 2007. And I cannot remember a single thing of it...

But... Here is what I wrote at the time...

He's back

Blade is back. He's different, but he's back. So are the vampires. And there's no Buffy in sight.

Quite an interesting series, but I'm not sure about it's attraction over time. The actor that plays Blade is not Wesley Snipes, but fortunately the show isn't much about Blade anyway. Well, it is, but the spotlight is taken by the other characters.

The Verdict

If you like vampires and you haven't played too much Vampire The Masquerade then it's okay (though often quite predictable for RPG enthusiasms).

But... it's old...

Dapper / TellTales! 45

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