Monday, November 4, 2019

Wonder Woman

Movie Review.

So, if you're not superhero tired, you may have seen something outside the Marvel Universe. Such as Wonder Woman.

In general, I'm not a big fan of the DC Universe. I blame it all on Superman.

The Comics

Well, I like Flash. A bit. But only when he's acting stupid, Spiderman style. I also like Batman, if possible Frank Miller style. They have superpowers, but they also have flaws. Perhaps Green Lantern... well, only when he behaves irresponsibly 😊 Anybody senses a pattern? 😅

I also like... well... I think that's about it.

I do not, repeat not, repeat DO NOT like Superman. He's too powerful. Too much of a goody two shoes. Outright boring. Same goes for the Justice League. Nobody matters except Superman. He alone can handle any problem. All by himself. No help required.

Boring. Boooooooring.

The SC Movies

The ol' Tim Burton Batman movies were best. Keaton was a good anti-hero, and none of the later Jokers could match Nicholson's. (Well, Mark Hamill did a great job on the cartoon version.)

The recent movies did nothing for me. Wonder Woman was perhaps the most passable (not sure I should use the word 'best') but it's not exceptional when compared with Marvel's hit machine. I haven't seen Shazaam yet, which does seem to be fun.

Anyway, Wonder Woman.

Story wise, it's a bit boring. We've seen and heard it all before. A super heroine origin story, yes, but it's flat, cardboard flat, no depth. Enemies are flat and boring and carboard. Heroes are flat and boring and cardboard.

Anything else positive? Well... Did DC spend all its money on the preceding movies, so there was none left for this one? A decent PC could generate those cardboard houses, just look at this:


Well, this movie would never become a success story simply based on CGI. So, perhaps it's the wonderful editing? Nope. There are some strange edits, especially during fight scenes, where small parts seem to be missing. It all makes for a jarring experience.

Not very promising...

So, summarizing... the story wasn't ground breaking. The editing sloppy. The graphics would've been okay ten years ago. If this is considered one of the better movies I'm pretty sure I'm not going to miss much by skipping the other DCU movies. Aquaman seems okay though, at least when watching the trailers. I might give it a try.

I hope Shazaam does better, because if it doesn't I formally give up on anything DC / DCU related.

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