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In hindsight the behavior of the different FUT LED strip controllers was to be expected... but I just wanted to be sure, so tried the FUT35, FUT036, FUT037, FUT038 and FUT039 in combination with a FUT092 remote control, just to be sure.


The LS2 seems to be the best choice if you purchase new MiLight (MiBoxer) control units for LED strips. It also appears the LS2 can work with more remote controls. This is based on the documentation, as I haven't got one myself.

Older controllers

The combinations can be seen in the table below. Click on the image to enlarge, or use one of the links.

In JPG format
In ODS format (can be read by Excel)

White light

Note that using and RGB controller and 3 LED ledstrip will try to create white using a combination of the three LEDs. The actual color would depend on the LEDs and would not be adjustable. (Often a sickly greenish yellow.)

RGBW provide better results, but for a good white light, changeable from cold neutral work light to soft warm evening light you need a 5 LED ledstrip, and an RGBWW aka RGB+CCT LED controller.

An overview of the different devices I am aware of:

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