Thursday, November 7, 2019

Reading (old) Star Wars - 1

I've been listening to some Star Wars audio books over the years... Some good. Most bad.

The first two were so bad, it was almost funny. Almost...

Tales of the Jedi 1 / Tales of the Jedi 2

I understand Tales of the Jedi 1 and 2 are based upon comics (the image above is the cover of one).

I'm happy I've never even seen those comics, as the stories seem to have been drawn up by a 12 year old, and the audio-books sound like they were enacted by his 4 years younger brother. The sound effects are poor, the voices are totally over-the-top-over-acted, it's almost funny... if it wasn't that bad.

The verdict

Burn your tape / throw away that CD / delete that MP3 file / feed the book to the dog before listening or reading...


(Dapper #115 / TellTales! #56)

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