Friday, May 31, 2019

Music was my first love

Today it's all about music... Manage your collection, rip music, play music online, find new stuff, etcetera.

So... Spotify, Jango, Youtube, Gnosic, Music Map, MP3Tag, SQB, and Discog... What else?


Of course, if you use Spotify it should cover your thirst for (new) music, but perhaps you don't use Spotify? (I don't, I've been spending too much money on about everything else 😅)

But, it's true, Spotify is nice. And if you happen to have an unlimited data account on your mobile phone it will replace your Walkman (if you remember what that is).

Unfortunately Spotify doesn't cover all tastes, and there is stuff that's simply not on it. So... what else?


Free music at work.The collection is somewhat predictable, but thus far I've never ever suffered from a single add. Open up a browser window at work and become more productive whilst you hum along whatever Jango brings you. The budget alternative for Spotify?

It ain't pretty, but works well, and there's an app as well.


There simply is stuff on Youtube you won't find anywhere else. (Check out John Miles' version of Wreckingball, for example, or the Toxic cover by Jaymee Dee.)

There's a lot of crap, true, but sometimes you run into something special. Unfortunately the quality isn't quite there.

Gnosic / Music Map

Both are maintained by Gnod. If you know the name of an artist or a music style you like, these two websites might just lead you to a new discovery. Try them.

Gnoosic asks a few questions then comes up with suggestions.

Music Map shows you artists similar to one you enter, from where you can continue browsing. Quite interesting.


A music marketplace and database. Good source for cover images, and to track down that one illusive record. MP3Tag can use it as a source for cover images.


MP3Tag to the rescue! Probably one of the best tools to edit your MP3 Tags. Downloaded something with the wrong name or spelling, or is your music player acting up because it can't handle some special character? MP3Tag to the rescue! It is free and works great.


Only interesting to those that run LMS (SqueezeBox) or need to do some mass conversion (FLAC to MP3) from files, folders, or playlists. I wrote it myself, so don't get your hopes up too high 😌 but if you're courageous enough you can find it here.

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