Wednesday, November 21, 2018

SqueezeBox - New version of SQB featuring 'quirck' particles

A new version of SQB and this time we are proud to announce the new and awesome mix function based upon 'quirck' particles!

The era of mix tapes has returned!

From the documentation

" With the latest release of SQB we herald the return of the legendary 'mix tape' or, in this case, 'mix list'. Thanks to a combination of our '16 band 17 insert point' dispersion shuffle algorithm, and the use of 'quirck' particles SQB can now blend two playlists and create an attractive new mixed list with a combination of overall evenly spread yet somewhat irregular distribution of song titles. Perfect for intellectually challenged species such as yours!

No longer do you and your lover have to suffer strictly mathematically correct but oh so boring interleaved lists, alternating between your superior taste and his / her, eh, gender defined preferences. Nor will a strict harsh randomness hurt your senses any longer. We took care of it with our new 'mix' button in the playlist section.

Note: using quirck particles is, of course, completely at your own risk. Our scientists and engineers are reasonably sure that any damage the use of quircks would cause, such as causality interference and sporadic rifts in the time and space continuum, are probably largely repairable. In time. Once we know how.

Until then, enjoy! "
Ah yes. Fun aside... If your car / mp3 player doesn't support playlists, or doesn't support .flac files, or you are in desperate need to fix your painful collection of playlists, then this is for you.

Update 0.11x

  • bugfix missing files scan
  • mix function with quirck particles
  • added auto reload
  • added some documentation
  • lists playlists missing files
  • added shuffle mode With dispersion And cluster suppression
  • default Ansi ON, ran into some issues with UTF8 with LMS messing up playlist order and dropping first line


If you have lots of music and use .M3U files and have renamed one or more files or folders, then SQB helps retrieving / editing the .M3U files. It was written with SqueezeBox Server / Logitech MediaServer in mind, but should work with other playlists as well. (Never tried though.)

If you have M3U playlists and you want to copy / convert the playlist to a local folder ready to place it on an SD card / USB stick / telephone then SQB uses Sox to help you convert them where needed. It's just more convenient than converting all FLAC files by hand.

SQB also can shuffle and mix playlists in a 'smart' way, trying to minimize repetitions yet still keeping some variation.

Link: ... 29.htm#sqb

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