Monday, November 19, 2018

L. Ron Hubbard - The Invaders Plan / Black Genesis / ...


10 books or so (a decalogy?) by L. Ron Hubbard (mister Scientology himself). These books are somewhat 'okayish' but only if you like this kind of humor. To be totally honest I think they are little more than empty filler (an oxymoron, I know). On top of that these did not age well.

The Invaders Plan

Not a meal that fills, and certainly not worth any 'good' money, but... If these books come very cheap, you could consider buying them... At least part 1. I'm going to continue with the second book and see how that one turns out to be...

(Turns out they are all the same quality, but if you had one bland dish for a starter then it's unlikely you're gonna enjoy nine more tasteless courses for the rest of the meal.)

Black Genesis

Number two in the decalogy. It's not much better than part one but it isn't much worse either. Most annoying are the speech patterns of the narrator. He! Is!! Using!!! Too!!!! Many!!!!! <bleep>!!!!!!! Exclamation!!!!!! Marks!!!!!!!!

So, the verdict stays so far: buy 'm cheap. Very cheap. Or buy something else, something better.

Think of this as a cheap 1 buck hamburger from McDonalds. 10 times. Eat too many and you'll feel sick. Two servings was enough for me, there's better food out there.

(I actually sampled the third and tasted the fourth. No change in opinion nor flavour.)

I guess I won't be hunting for the other volumes...

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