Monday, November 5, 2018

Ant Man / Ant Man and the Wasp


Perhaps these two movies are only a small part of the MCU (no pun intended) yet they are still fun to watch, especially because they do not take themselves too seriously.

Infinity War

I haven’t seen Infinity War yet (and am actually regretting that, I should have watched it in the cinema, now it's just too late).

... so for now I just postpone watching Infinity War, not even at home, until the Avengers 4 movie arrives in the cinemas. Every review says it was quite the ride, and as it is impossible to escape all of the trailers I must admit I have seen enough to agree to that. Even without having actually seen it (in its entirety). But I did watch two other, closely related movies, and the ending of the second movie is supposed to give a clue about Avengers 4... We'll see...

Looking for cool...

After we returned from our road-trip (visiting Spain, Andorra, and France) we discovered that it was just as bloody hot in the Netherlands as it was in the places we just left behind! Thus we decided to spend at least an afternoon in the (air conditioned) cinema to watch Ant Man and The Wasp. But before that we spend an evening at home watching the older Ant Man first.

Ant Man was made in 2015, the last movie of phase two of the MCU. It's ending hinted at a sequel, and in 2018 that sequel Ant Man and the Wasp was released as the final movie of phase three. No one knows yet how the sequel to Infinity War will look like, but it looks like Ant Man and friends play a major role in it.

If you haven’t seen these two movies, they’re somewhere between Thor: Ragnarok and a PG13 / family friendly version of Dead Pool. Funny and very self aware, and the hero (Paul Rudd) actually isn’t the hero (his love interest Wasp is).

It’s best though to park your sense of disbelief outside three streets down the block as many things don’t make any sense. But hey, I’m in for the ride, not for any intellectual exercise. Sometimes good entertainment doesn't have to be larger than life. It can be smaller and still be great.

Good stuff.

And in spite of the three years in between, there's nothing wrong watching these two movies back to back. Enjoy!

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