Monday, April 22, 2019

Game of Thrones - Season 5


Not all seasons are created equal. The episodes in season 5 of Game of Thrones are of 'varying quality'... With its weakest point the Dorne arc...


Well, that was quite the debacle. It could have been so good, Jaime and Bron visit Dorne to save Cersei / Jaime's daughter. But it ended up being a kind of Xena / Hercules crossover with very poor choreography.


No, season five wasn't the best one, but it does involve Arya and the Faceless Men, so not all hope is lost. And what happens to Shireen Baratheon makes me shiver... Fortunately Tyrion is his usual diminutive great self.

In spite of it all I'm looking forward to season 6.

Spoilers ahead!

Season 5 Episode 6 'Unbowed Unbend Unbroken'

Ah. A rape. Yes, we didn't have one of those lately. Poor Phoenix.

Season 5 Episode 9

Something I did not expect... Wow. When Game of Thrones hit, they do so below the belt.

Season 5 Episode 10 'Mother's Mercy'

Well well... Snow dies. Tywin goes to heaven. Arya goes blind. Ned Stark comes back from the dead. Cersie goes naked. Brienne kills Stannis. Daenerys makes love to three dragons at once, The Mountain and The Hound share a kiss, and many people with difficult names visit places with difficult names and then die.

How the hell am I expected to keep everything straight and memorized?!?

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