Friday, April 19, 2019

Craig Alanson - Aces


The cover blurb says it all: kids are not supposed to rescue their parents. Well, in this case they do.

This is a YA but it's also perfectly suitable for younger kids as well as adults. Entertaining.


Perhaps a little simplistic and full of tropes but it's a great introduction to scifi for kids. And still readable by an elder audience. Once you accept that it's good.

This book is probably going to be part of a larger series, but AFAIK none of the planned sequels have been published yet. Fortunately, this one is perfectly readable on its own.


The audiobook is well suited for younger audiences. It isn't childish, just very clear.


All in all an enjoyable read. Better than his Ascendant series, I guess.

Read it.

And if your kids are a bit younger they might not be able to read the whole book by themselves, but they probably would still enjoy listening to the audiobook version.

Dapper / TellTales! 99

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