Monday, October 2, 2017

Genevieve Cogman - The invisible library / The masked city


Triggered by (again) one of Jan’s reviews, I think. Keep them coming :-)

Both books are good reads If you like some interdimensional traveling, the fight between chaos and order, some intrigue, action, a heroine with flaws and you like books then you’re in for a treat.

I’m not sure it is the setting or writing style, but both books reminded me somewhat of Zelazny’s work.


I've read these two on an e-reader (bought them on Amazon, and had to strip out the DRM to read them on my Kobo reader. I absolutely hate DRM, by the way. I don't mind spending some money on books, games, or movies (in fact, I probably spend too much already as it is) but I just outright hate DRM.

If Sony would go bankrupt I would be unable to install my PS3 / PS4 games. If Steam has a bad hairday and decides to remove all titles starting with a 'B' I would no longer be able to install and play Bioshock. I actually bought some Mobipocket format books, and when the format was discontinued and the website closed what was I to do? Strip the DRM, of course.

(I'm not entirely sure this is fake news or not (how reliable is news these days?) but some research seems to indicate pirated materials may sometimes enhace sales. Now I'm not entirely convinced, mind you. Then again, everyone, everyone absolutely and unconditionally believes the great Trump... Right.)


There seem to be four entries at the moment:

  1. The invisible library
  2. The masked city
  3. The burning page
  4. The lost plot

The next one should arrive in december 2017, according to the author's website

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