Wednesday, October 20, 2021

SpaceDesk - Multi Monitor 'on the cheap' using SpaceDesk

Multi-monitor setups are fun 😁 

Use an old laptop or tablet an additional monitor? Not a problem, and with SpaceDesk you can mix and match iOS, Android, and Windows devices (!).

And best of it all: it is (still) free.


I suspect at some stage the creators want to make some money on this app, but until then it's free. And it works reliably, as far as I can tell.


Have a look at this setup with a PC with two different monitors as well as two Android tablets and one old iPad Mini (wallpaper spread courtesy of WallX):


  • works with most devices, including a very old iPad Mini
  • supports more than one networked device


  • requries network / wifi
  • is a bit slower than TwoMon USB

I've added SpaceDesk to the list of secondary screens / multi-monitor tools / software on this page.


1. Install the SpaceDesk server on your PC. You may have to reboot.

2. Install the SpaceDesk client on your tablet. It will scan your network and ask if it may connect to your PC.

3. Use the screen settings to re-arrange the monitor positions.

That's it. Done.

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