Monday, October 4, 2021

Bella Forrest - The Girl Who Dared to Think / ...


Just like Christopher Nuttall, Bella Forrest is sometimes accused of plagiarism. I think that's not entirely fair, because she wrote some interesting stuff, but it's clear that she's sometimes - strongly - 'inspired'.

Then again, it is impossible to write something entirely original, so let's just shrug.


This series seems to be inspired by your typical post-apocalyptic YA / NA novels, as Hungergames and Divergent, though Forrest gave it a twist and a turn.

Some things, unfortunately, don't work out well. It's as if she wrote the novels in a hurry, and didn't always consider the consequences of, or the logic behind the actions of her characters.

Both Bella Forrest and Christopher Nuttall are juggling a range of series simultaneously. They're very productive, but the quality, honestly, varies a bit. And yeah, this is yet another example of this 'varying' quality. Maybe both Nuttall and Forrest should consider hiring an assistant to keep track of consistency, and ask their editors to pay more attention to repetition. Or perhaps write less but better. I don't know.


  1. The Girl Who Dared to Think
  2. The Girl Who Dared to Stand
  3. The Girl Who Dared to Descend
  4. The Girl Who Dared to Rise
  5. The Girl Who Dared to Lead
  6. The Girl Who Dared to Endure
  7. The Girl who Dared to Fight


Interesting, aimed at younger readers. The quality dropped over the first four books, so I'm worried about the later books in the series (haven't read book five and later yet).

Approach with caution then 😁

First Person

I'm currently focusing on first person present tense books, simply because that's the tense I'm (trying to) write a novel in myself right now.

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