Monday, September 13, 2021

Adam Wright - Harbinger PI 1 - Lost Soul


Another supernatural PI series. How many are there by now? Never enough 😁

Harbinger PI and The Dresden Files have a lot in common though, so much that I sometimes wondered in which universe I was wandering around. Nevertheless, both are quite readable, and original enough to be called original... Euh... Sort of.


This was an audiobook, and well narrated.


Supernatural PI gets send to the middle of nowhere, because he did something in the past, in Paris, something which he can't remember. Hops over to the other side to save a few people, and gets distracted by a former partner and his assigned female assistant.


Yeah. Read it. It's nice. I've only read the first book yet, but I'm looking forward to reading the next one!

Other similar series...

  • Harbinger PI
  • The Dresden Files
  • Mindspace Investigations - very good, scifi instead of supernatural, but still (very good!)
  • The King's Watch - better than the reviews suggest
  • The Jezebel Files - not sure yet what to think of this one yet
  • Bobby Dollar - a bit disappointing
  • Rivers of London - great according to many, to me it was a bit 'meh'
  • Slouch Witch - it's more of a trilogy and wanders into romance / comedy, but it might qualify

How many did I miss?!?

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