Monday, April 12, 2021

Push (2009)... and a little Calvin & Hobbes


Push and Jumper... In case I did not mention these two before (where are my old TellTales, humpf)... I think both movies deserve a little more credit than they got, especially Push was pretty much ignored, and Jumper could have been the start of a great franchise.


A superhero movie before superhero movies became popular. Featuring (there he is) Chris Evans.

Guy with supernatural talents, hiding in Hong Kong, runs into his on-the-run supernatural gifted former girlfriend, again, then uses lots of other supernatural gifted characters to free her, sort of. Dakota Fanning is great as the (limited) clairvoyant kid.

AFAIK there's no novel upon which the movie is based. And I liked the movie. I think it deserved better reviews than it got.

One major complaint is that it's convoluted. Convoluted? Absolutely, but that's part of the fun. If things have to be spelled out for you, then go and watch something else, like Jumper... Or Pokemon... 😁

And a little Calvin & Hobbes...

I liked Push and Jumper, which doesn't mean they're good movies, just entertaining ones. Then again, I have been rightfully accused of having poor taste 😉

Still, I'm the customer, so that means I must be right. I just found back the cartoon where Calvin and Hobbes are discussing movies, ending in Hobbes' 'The customer is always right.' (Click to enlarge, it's a wallpaper.)

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