Monday, April 5, 2021

Alice in Wonderland (2010)


Is there anything better than the original (?) animated Disney movie? Perhaps not... Still, Tim Burton did a pretty good job back in 2010, in spite of it all. Yeah, 3D was 'the' thing, and that was the one thing I hated about the movie.

We're all mad here

Yes, we are. Then again, the original books by Lewis Carroll did sport a certain... madness. Most of the insanity was filtered out of the Disney animated version though.

If you haven't seen it, then go and watch the Princess Rap Battle version of Dorothy versus Alice:

Tim Burton (2010)

Watched this one in the cinema, in 3D. First of all the 3D doesn't cut it for me, I'd just as well watch movies without 3D. That I'm wearing glasses doesn't help much either.

The movie itself then, it's colorful and very 'Burtonesque'. I was hoping for a bit grittier, darker approach, such as displayed in the American McGee's Alice computer game, but I guess that would have seriously hampered revenue. Perhaps it's a pity that earlier attempts didn't work out.

The second movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (not by Tim Burton) wasn't as successful. It wasn't extremely bad, but I found the trailers quite misleading, and that expectation distracted from the movie. 

The verdict

Still, I liked the first movie, but I like weird things. So that's just me. Just skip the 3D version, and the sequel...

Disney Original (1951)

Imagine this was considered a failure upon its first release, back in 1951... Yeah, it's a bit sweet, but at least there's no 'power princess' in there, beyond Alice herself.

American McGee's Alice (2000)

I finished the first game, but haven't finished the second one Madness Returns. I should (got it on the PS3) but haven't been able to push myself. Too many things to do...

(Also, the game's images and tone are more than a little disturbing, to be honest. One can go too far...)

Did you know there was talk of a movie version of the game, featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)?

Would have been interesting...

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