Thursday, March 18, 2021

Book and chapter sizes


The optimal chapter size is driven by your audience and publication platform. Which means you either have to adjust your chapter size to the target, re-chapter before publication, or simply don't give a damn 😁

Chapter sizes

Sometimes I wonder if the readers become less literate every generation. In a few years, people can no longer read a book without a touch screen and two speakers...

Anyway. You are the writer. You decide. Maybe a different chapter size is what suits you best?

Still, some numbers often mentioned for different platforms, consider these suggestions:

  • Tapas - 500 words
  • Wattpad - 1500..2000 words (was 3000)
  • for regular publication (print) somewhere from 3000 to 5000 words
  • in many books chapters increase in size the further you go

(I must say, 500 words appears to be awfully short chapters.)

Are these hard numbers? Of course not! But if you want traction for online publication on any of those platforms consider your chapter size.

Again, you're the writer. You decide. Maybe a different chapter size is what suits you best!

Jefferson Smith put it this way:

" Most people who talk about the rules fall into two camps: those who tell you that there are no rules, and idiots. "

Still, I think there is at least some worth in considering chapter size. It seems the average reader these days has the attention span of a cucumber... and with those words I rest my case 😊

Book sizes

As many opinions on the internet as there are readers. If you want to get published (in book form), consider your first novel to be somewhere in the 70..80k words range. If you go for an online platform, do whatever you like!

Still, there is a reason why 'printed' first-novels by new authors are in the 70..80k range. Printing a book isn't cheap. If it's too big, then it's more expensive. If it's not successful, the publisher will lose more money with larger unsold books taking up more space (physically) on the shelf.

Audiobooks, on the opposite side, like to offer some good length, so a 100k isn't unusual. 


Physical sizes

If you're looking for the physical size 😁 try this Wikipedia page:

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