Monday, February 22, 2021

Skyland (2005)


Ten years ago or so Skyland was showing on Dutch television. At the time I downloaded a few episodes, and noticed that the broadcasted version was post-processed to look more 'dirty'. Which made it look a lot better, to be honest. 

Story wise both versions are the same and okay.


Some people have blown up the earth (?). Some people have super powers. The end.

Blowing up earth is a recurring theme in anime, isn't it? 😁

Okay, that's a bit unfair, but as there never was a third season it's hard to tell how things would have ended. All we know is that a. the kids' parents don't see eye to eye, b. the world is controlled by the Guardians, a kind of authoritarian totalitarian regime, c. some people have required sunlight driven superpowers, and d. as has one of the kids.


One thing I didn't like was the 'over-saturation' of character details. The details are there, but contrast levels of the CGI characters are reduced to such levels that details disappear. I don't know how to otherwise explain this.

There should be more than one version. I found different versions online, with different post-processing. The 'dirtier' version looks better. Many people have complained about the low definition of the DVD releases, perhaps even worse than the broadcasted version.

Otherwise the animation is fine.

Galaktic Footbal

Skyland deserved a third season, but at the time of release it was too similar to (and had to compete with the much better) Avatar - The Last Airbender. The planned season three never arrived.

Galaktik Football was made by the same people, and re-using some plot elements does give a hint on how Skyland would / could have moved forward.


A tough one... I don't like unfinished series, and the animation could have been better. I'd say it's passable, but if you have better stuff to watch do that first.

There is 'greatness' hidden in this one, it just never came out.

Dapper / TellTales! 44

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