Monday, May 4, 2020

Michael Chatfield - The Recruitment


Horrible. Yet another book (series) about some Larry Stu figure, kidnapped by aliens, to become yet another soldier, sergeant, captain, general, hero, savior.

Who writes this stuff, and who reads it?


I've only read the first book, but that was enough. It's outright horrible.

Which makes me wonder: who reads this stuff? There must be a market for it, as Chatfield isn't the only author who writes this style of novel: farm boy captured by aliens, turned into super soldier, silent revolution, farm boy becoming general / hero / savior of worlds. Fighting, blood, macho heroics.


  • The Recruitment (Rise of the Free Fleet)
  • Coming Home
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • From the Black
  • From Furies Forged
  • Wars Reward


Stay away. I was actually planning to write a little synopsis so I wouldn't retry this series, but I just cannot bring myself to do so...

Anyway, I think Chatfield can do better.


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