Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Alex Hughes - Mindspace Investigations 1 - Clean


Now here's a pleasant surprise. I've always been partial to detective stories, and SF or Fantasy 'noir', and this is one of those. On top of that the main character has some special powers (he's a telepath) and is seriously flawed (a former drug addict).

He's Harry, Jim, but not as you'd know it

If I would have to describe this book I'd call it the SF counterpart of the early Jim Butcher's early Harry Dresden books.


Of course the protagonist is a consultant to the local police force and his love interest is (of course) this strong tough female homicide detective.

Adam Ward could be Harry Dresden's brother, and Isabelle Cherabino is Karrin Murphy's sister.

But hey, I have a soft spot for procedurals, though Adam could go a bit easy on the whining...

There are some additional titles in this series, and looking forward to reading those.

Dapper / TellTales! 98

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