Monday, March 25, 2019

Christoper Nuttall - Fists of Justice / The Gordian Knot / ...


Nuttall continues.

The guy is productive, I'll give him that. He either makes a lot of money, or needs to write to just come by. I suspect the latter 😊 because we all cannot be like Stephen King 😌

Five and a half

Five new books in the Schooled in Magic series. 5.5 if you count the novella Alessa's Tale. When and where does he find the time? He's supposed to enjoy the good life in Malaysia! And still he cranked out stuff (the Schooled in Magic isn't his only series) including:

    12.  Fists of Justice
    13.  The Gordian Knot
    14.  Graduation Day
    14.5  Alassa's Tale
    15.  The Princess in the Tower
    16.  The Broken Throne

(More about the Schooled in Magic series here.)

As usual car fodder. I've listened to 12, 13, 14 and 15, and they all continue the story of Emily and her meddling. Same vein, same level. If you liked the earlier books you'll like these as well. On a positive note: it seems he complains a little less about our world.

14.5 is a short story (let's say half a novel) and wasn't available as an audio book. I've read it as an ePub, and it doesn't add much that isn't (re)told in The Princess in the Tower.

Number 16 The Broken Throne isn't available on Audible yet. I'll probably pick it up in due time, if only to appreciate the effort 😏.

(I just wished I was as productive!)

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