Monday, August 27, 2018

Witchblade 41


Are comics books? I don't know. They might be. They are printed, have letters and words, and you can read them. At least they are some kind of books.

I scored a 100+ Witchblade books...

The show

Interesting... I watched the TV show ages ago, and the first season was a bit cheesy but overall not too bad. I had not read the comics then, and (besides a drunk actress) liked the first season of the TV series. The second season... not that much (you might simply skip that one).

There's also an anime series, which is a bit predictable but quite enjoyable (if you are into anime, that is).

The comic

But comics are their own thing.

The artwork in Witchblade is good (the older ones and later ones are better) but as a whole this (comic) series suffers from some serious continuity gaps (that, and too many crossovers). There are whole parts of the story missing, perhaps told in other comic lines? Weirdly enough, the numbering seems to be continuous, yet the story not that much.

There's also no accounting for taste. Fortunately, the covers are more explicit than the contents, most of the time, but I guess you need to be a young adult male to seriously appreciate the artwork. With either a bikini or torn clothes every second page...

Yes, it is a classic one, and yes. You probably want to read these as a comic lover. Alas, Tolkien or Tolstoy, it is not.

Dapper 129 / YellowTales! 69

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