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Naomi Novik - His Majesty's Dragon / Throne of Jade / ...


An alternative timeline where dragons actually exist, but not because they are magic. In fact, thus far there hasn't been any magic at all and probably never will. Napoleon wouldn't want it any other way....

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Naomi Novik writes the Temeraire series, and when I read the first one I was surprised by its fresh, alternate take on dragons. In Novik's novels dragons are not mystical, magical creatures, but beings of flesh and blood, that live next to humans in the Napoleonic era. Napoleon is out to conquer the world, and the brave British are all that stand between the french general and his quest for world domination.

Sort of.


  • His Majesty's Dragon - 2006
  • Throne of Jade - 2006
  • Black Powder War - 2006
  • Empire of Ivory - 2007
  • Victory of Eagles - 2008
  • Tongues of Serpents -2010
  • Crucible of Gold - 2012
  • Blood of Tyrants - 2013
  • League of Dragons - 2016 

Victory of Eagles. 

Number five already in the Temeraire series, and I think she might want to speed it up a little. I fear that Britain, in the end, does not stand a chance against Napoleon and Lien, and Laurence and Temeraire are fighting a lost battle in the long run.

An okay read, but it's getting a bit repetitive, and I'm a bit worried she's going to do a tour around the world, visiting every locale and showing how dragons have affected this or that aspect of history, which might just get in the way of good story telling.

Only time can tell.

Tongues of Serpents

Just finished Tongues of Serpents. Not as good as the previous novels, as nothing seems to happen.  I will give the next one Crucible of Gold a try, but if it’s more of the same I’ll stop with this series.

Dapper / TellTaes! 50 / RetroTales! 63

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